Kenai Trout Fishing

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Kenai River Rainbow Trout Fishing Trips for 2017.
Best Trout Fishing in Alaska

The fast action of Kenai Trout Fishing awaits you and all those looking to do battle with the trophy rainbow found at Kenai river rainbow trout fishing is nothing short of spectacular offering the best trophy trout fishing in Alaska. Find everything from trout fishing hotspots to the best time to fish the Kenai.

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Kenai River Trout Fishing

Kenai River Trout FishingAccept our official Welcome Back to all of the sport fishing enthusiasts returning to this mighty river for another season of fabulious Alaskan catch and release rainbow trout fishing.

For those new to this river, this is one of the destinations where you find some of Alaska's largest rainbow trout swimming in the trophy waters of the Kenai River. These lunkers grow to enormous size often exceeding 20 pounds. They look like salmon, fight like salmon, and are prized like salmon. Kenai River rainbow trout fishing is about one of the most underrated rainbow trout fishing alternatives available in Alaska, Kenai River trout fishing is unlike most river or stream fishing and must be experienced first hand to be believed.

Kenai River Trout Fishing Alaska

The upper river above Skilak Lake is where most of the trout fishing takes place. During the summers, these waters are filled with spawning salmon and hungry rainbows that are plentiful and plump.

An Example of Kenai River Rainbow Trout Fishing. Call Toll Free: 1-888-462-1521
  • When is the best trout fishing on the Kenai?
    • This is always a popular question many new anglers to the Kenai search for answers too. The best answer has always been, as soon as the ice goes out all the way up to freeze up, these trout are lurking beneath the surfaces of the river in search of something to eat. Opportunistic feeders, these trout get well fed from the rich waters found within this watershed. So the real question one should ask is what is the best lure, fly or bait to catch the Kenai rainbow trout? We will give you our answer to this question in the paragraphs to follow.
  • Are Kenai Fishing Package Prices A Good Deal.
    • Most of the time this is very true. Packages are used to attract budget conscious clients to a specific business where they are enticed through both rate reductions and added vacation deals. Kenai River fishing packages are no different then the deals you get from cruise lines and lodges where the more you want to do the sweeter the deals become.
  • Where is the best trout fishing located?
    • The entire river has some real hot spots when it comes to rainbow fishing. But just where the best fishing is would have to be subject to a collection of thoughts. We will begin to pin this one down in the pages to follow.
  • Do I need a guide to catch trout here?
    • Not really but it helps. First timers to the river should consider hiring a guide as should trophy trout seekers. But this can get expensive for the average family traveling on a budget, let's look at some alternatives where a guide may not be required.
  • Trout Fishing With Kids in Alaska.
    • When fishing for trout with kids it’s best to get them into fish as quickly as possible. If this is to be their initial introduction into trout fishing, perhaps a more controlled environment that allows them to focus on the fish and catching them would be in order. We suggest that fishing with the services of a guide is highly recommended to keep the kids into trout all day long.
  • Guides, Charters and Lodges.
    • Prepare to experience the fast paced world of Kenai River Trout Fishing on the Upper Kenai River for Rainbow Trout & Arctic Char with the staff of Get more information on where when and how to fish on the Kenai River for the giant trout this river is famous for. Visit our Kenai River Fishing Package Page to see available packages from top guides, charters, and lodges that offer trout fishing on the Kenai as part of their very popular Kenai River Fishing Package deals for this summer.
  • Seasonally Set Closures For Kenai Trout Fishing
    • Fishing for rainbow trout is closed from May 2 through June 10. Flowing waters in the Kenai River watershed will reopen to fishing for rainbow trout on June 11. Popular fishing areas that are closed to all sport fishing include that portion of the Kenai River between the Upper Killey River and the outlet of Skilak Lake. Additionally, the Upper Kenai River from Skilak Lake upstream to Kenai Lake are closed to all sport fishing. These waters will reopen to fishing and rainbow trout fishing on Wednesday, June 11. Anglers should read the regulations as several new areas are closed to all sport fishing.

How to catch Kenai River Rainbow Trout.

Trophy Size Rainbow Trout are common on the mighty Kenai River in Alaska.The secret is about to be revealed. What you are about to read results from an excess of twenty years of fishing for rainbows on this river. These methods are tested and proven each year to consistently out produce every other method we have come across.

The natural approach always wins hands down. As you begin your day in preparing to wetting your line, start out by asking yourself some simple questions about the trout you are in pursuit of.

  1. What would be the most likely food these fish would be finding in the water today?
  2. How can I mimic it?

Caution: Confidential Information, the secret is out and the source has been disclosed. The Kenai River is hot news these days when the subject of trout fishing in Alaska is brought up. Reliable sources substantiate the rumors about giant trophy trout being caught in the Kenai. So be forewarned, once you try this angling experience you will be hooked for life.
And people tell me I have a big mouth, if they could just see the fish I caught yesterday…

The Inside Information on Kenai Trout Fishing

I don't think we need to add the “Why” as that’s pretty obvious.

Experience world class Kenai River fishing with our new internet site dedicated to Kenai River Trout fishing where we fish for trophy Rainbow Trout, sea-run Dolly Varden and we might even report on a silvery ole salmon now and then. The Kenai River Rainbow Trout fishing is among the finest in the world. Since the majority of the anglers that visit the Kenai are pursuing salmon, many of the best holes for trout are going overlooked.